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Camera Alarm Clock

Spy Alarm Clock with hidden camera combines the functionality of a common alarm clock and advanced spy technology, ideal to place in your bedroom or any other place in your home. Records conversations, images and takes pictures.
  • Operates on battery or plug!
  • Online connection by app!
  •  Full HD quality!
  • Wifi connection and voice recorder!
  • Free Shipping
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Micro Camera Flex

The Flex Micro Camera can record in all the hardest-to-reach places, making it ideal for tight or unusual places like looking under doors or even in the middle of flowers or plants! Incredibly small and very discreet, it makes it inconspicuous in many places, having a variety of configurations that allow it to be versatile and very practical to use! It can be easily accessed by application directly on your mobile phone, and can follow everything live!
  • It can be easily accessed by application directly on your mobile phone, and can follow everything live!
  • With storage capacity of up to 128GB.
  • Online connection by app
  • With 3 model varieties to solve your problem
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Mini Wireless Camera | DG-MYQ

The combination of stealth and functionality is only found in the Mini DG-MYQ is the most compact while maintaining the image quality in the Spy collection.Exclusive high quality NanoView technology
  • Remote connection by application.
  • Very small and discreet.
  • With night vision, presence sensor and live audio.
  • .Fully wireless, drop-resistant material and very intuitive to install, even for those who don't understand technology.
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Security Camera 360°

The 360° Security Camera is ideal for filming and recording everything that happens in your home or commercial establishment, being able to film from all angles and be controlled remotely. Incredibly simple and compact in design, it can be placed or installed virtually anywhere indoors!
With presence and monitoring sensor! Write everything directly to the Cloud! Features night vision, voice recording and microphone! Live access by APP on your mobile! Get your Security Camera 360º now!
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Smart Buzzer | Wireless

The Smart Buzzer has a simple technology that allows you to install it in just a few minutes, even if you don't understand the technology!
  • There are 32 options of sounds to never get sick!
  • Resistant to heavy rain and storms!
  • Easy installation on any smooth or uneven surface!
  • 240V!
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Softmop | Flexible Mop

The SoftMop Flex mop has ultra flexible technology to clean cracks in furniture, tables and cabinets, without wasting your precious time!
  • Ultra-resistant flexibility for any form of work!
  • Fully dismountable and portable!
  • Cloths easily washable, just put it in the machine and that's it!
  • Ideal for indoor cleaning with tight spaces!
Secure your SoftMop Flexible Mop now and a free gift plus 3 cloths!
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Wild Tornado™ | Drain Cleaner

One of the best ways to clean and unclog your home's plumbing! Wild Tornado ™ acts on fats, hair strands, papers, soaps, oils, and organic materials, dissolving them easily!
  • It doesn't harm your drains, pipes or septic system!
  • It uses its high density to cling to pipes and liquefy obstructions!
  • Ideal for use on pipes, toilets, sinks, bathtubs, etc!
  • Dissolves grease, hair, oils, cloths, fabrics, soap foam and papers easily!
Get your Wild Tornado™ right now, and put an end to your problems!
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